The Hum Presents: Five (Live!)

Social media branding for The Hum Series 5th anniversary event.

Spread for No Depression's 25th anniversary

Celebrating 25 years of No Depression, based on the theme "All Together Now". Buy the issue here.

Alt Citizen x DIY Magazine SXSW Showcase

Promotional assets for our 2020 SXSW Showcase. All branding and promotional material for socials by me.

Bohemian Queen Bakes Website

Bohemian Queen Bakes is a specialty cake service by Lauren Gouin. Lauren needed help building her brand identity and website (using Squarespace), and I was more than excited to take on this project and start from scratch and build her brand from the ground up.

Lauren provides her customers with three options for cake creations: Personality CakesConnection Cakes, and Treat Yourself Cakes, all of which are created with sourced ingredients grown in her garden. Each cake requires the customer to fill out introspective forms, allowing Lauren to get a better understanding of the person she's creating for.

Each cake is not just a cake — it's a work of art. Lauren wants her customers to understand the connection they have to their personally curated cake and why it's special and unique to them. 

At the end of the project, she wanted to walk away with an accessible site that clearly states what she's about, prioritize her three cake categories and create detailed forms for customers to fill out, and highlight her virtual cooking classes, all while staying
true to herself and her personal style.


We wanted to avoid the kitschy bakery hot pink polka dots aesthetic, so we stuck to vintage botany, florals, earth tones, and pastels. We wanted the website to reflect that in both her typography and color palette, feeling both contemporary and timeless.

Homepage Overview


Banner Graphics

Since Lauren also branches out into other forms of art like drawing and watercolors, we wanted to find a way to incorporate that art style into her brand identity. Each flower drawing is colored in with a colored pencil brush to
give the effect and texture of a sketchbook drawing.

Each of the cake drawings in the banner graphics represent past cakes she has made

Mobile Interface

Desktop Interface

Using Format